All around me is discord.  There is pain, frustration, disillusionment, unhappiness...decay.  So much turmoil and noise.
And it's rubbing off on me. 

My Dear One:
Be careful!  Don't conform to the disenchantment of the world.  Don't let it's beliefs, it's weary, cynical views get inside your mind or modify your behavior. 
Allow My power and love to transform you--daily--and raise up within you a dignity that comes from strength.  I am in the business of renewing your mind and keeping you pure.  I am here to give you supernatural enthusiasm and energy.  Drink in My words and hold them in your mouth and let them be refreshing to you.  Let them give you confidence and joy.  In this way, you prove for yourself what My good and acceptable and perfect will is.
Surround yourself with Me.  Submerse your whole self in Me.
Because I love you with an unending love.
I have redeemed you from the pit.
I have written your name on My hand.
I cover you with my grace.
I cherish you.

Jeremiah 31.3; Romans 12.2; 2 Corinthians 6.17

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