Searching for Silence

My life has become loud, like a thundering clamor.  I feel tossed about in a raging storm, out in the darkness.  I hunger for silence.  And I run to places where I think I will find it, but the storm in there, too.  I hunger for silence in my mind.  In my spirit.  In my soul.  In my heart. 

I realize the storm is me.  I am loud, disjointed, a clanging cymbal.  I rush about and I tear up the day with too much thinking.  I waste the night in anxious thoughts, lost in the little ship that is me.    But in the storm--miracle of miracles--I hear what God says:

"To become silent before Me is to release control over your own life and destiny.  Your true life is in the silent interior of your heart where you have not yet traveled.  You have stayed outside to watch the parade, to dance with the clowns, to wear their glittering costumes, and to ride the plumed pony.  You sing the songs of cheated lovers and you are cheated.  The world of your senses guides you. 

Yes, I am in the mountains and the oceans, birds and beasts, flowers and fruits, the thunderstorms in the desert and the waving wheat and corn of the plains...all of which I created with a word. 

But your soul is the home of My Spirit.  Listen there for My still, small voice.  Journey toward love--and without fear--and leave your noisy plans and dreams.  Be still in the firey gaze of my love, even as Moses stood before the burning bush. 

Resist the impulsiveness of your senses,
your intellect,
your emotions,
and come to the secret, inner home in your heart where My Spirit lives.

I will speak to you there.  Lovingly and in silence.

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