Lean on Me
lean your entire personality on Me
Trust in Me
for I am good, loving and just.

Do you wonder why I permit evil to exist
and why I allow My godly ones to suffer?
I tell you: wherever evil is found, it bears within itself the seeds of it's own destruction.

Only in My righteousness is there power to withstand and persevere; and only in My holiness can you stand immovable and erect.  Apart from Me you can do nothing; it is Law.  And the Law of the Lord is perfect.  It restores the whole person, it makes wise the simple, it rejoices the heart and it enlightens the eye.

Bind My words to your heart.  Speak them aloud and tie them around your neck as a golden leash.  And as you walk about, you will be led and guided by My words.  They will watch over you to make your sleep sweet and to keep you safe from harm.  And when you are awake, they will illuminate your mind and ignite it by holy wisdom and truth...and you won't be confused. 

I am the shade at your right hand.  The sun will not harm you by day nor the moon by night.  I keep you from harm and I watch over your life; I watch over both your comings and goings both now and forevermore..

My bountiful free gift to you is eternal life through My Son, Jesus Christ.  Your fragile, human mind cannot comprehend this.  Human understanding fails to comprehend this gift.  So, I ask you to give me your human understanding that I might set fire to it and create crackling, sizzlling flames of truth within you.

You see, my dear one, you are not secure in your own understanding.  You are secure because I say so.

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