Godly Plans

God knows the plan He has for your life.  He will prosper you and not harm you.  These plans give you hope and a future.  Call upon Him and He will listen.  Seek Him with all your heart--He is your God.

As surely as the stars and moon sing His praise and glory over all the earth, God will cover you with His shadow and protect you under his pinions.  He will sing over you.

When you struggle and work laboriously to remold yourself and your world without Him, you weary yourself.  He tells you to find your life in Him, to live only by His spirit.  Not to weary yourself by striving or anxiously repeating old prayers like some sort of charm, or by fruitless self-recriminations or by works or pleading heaven with foxhole promises. 

Listen to His instruction; He has a plan for you.
Study to show yourself approved; He has a plan for you.
Apply your heart to what He teaches; He has a plan for you.
Increase your knowledge of Him; He has a plan for you.
Gain wisdom and spiritual discernment; He has a plan for you.
Take His yoke upon you--it is light!--and learn of Him; He has a plan for you.
Give up hope in yourself and trust in Him; He has a plan for you.

He has a plan for you today.


  1. Amen!

    although sometimes i have to exhaust myself trying it my way before i'm broken enough to approach him.

  2. Brooke You are rite.. well post sounds good..
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