Do you feel dull?  Is your life without gloss or sparkle?  Are you easily bored?  And if you are with others, are you quiet and shy?  Do you feel that you don't have much to talk about?  You think that people must find you uninteresting?

The Holy Spirit is not shy.  The Spirit of God is powerful and mighty.  The Lord God can change you.

He wants to polish you with wisdom and fill you with strength and confidence.  Your face with shine, it will glow and it will radiate.  When you set your mind on Him (and not on yourself), when you reject fear and shyness and recognize them as enemies of the life He has called you to--and the person He is creating you to be--you will feel steadfast and secure.  You will forget your misery.  And you will radiate His beauty.

Precious One, look to Him to be transformed and transfigured into His image.  Allow Him to shine through you in ever-increasing glory.

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