The death sentence to anxiety is faith.  When your anxiety overwhelms you, fear washes a black streak across your every thought, and you see no end to stress, no relief.  You can pray yourself right out of the circle of faith.  If you could hear your daily complaints and grudges, you would pause longer before you speak.

Wrestle with that selfish bent of yours, so quick to cry out and be hurt and whimper and ache and groan in the night.  You beg for comfort--more than you desire integrity--and comfort, without the Spirit of God, brings only sloth and breeds shame.

The only way out of the murky pit is through the top of it.  Did someone push you into the pit?  Are circumstances keeping you there?  Have you gotten down there all by yourself?  It is time for you to become spiritually strong.  Learn the direction of the light.  Discover the strength and comfort of God by memorizing His word.  Exercise your spirit and grow to become better, deeper, confident.  Shine with the glory of a new creation.

He will have His way; Be patient.

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